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“Manage Automation”

Do you prepare for digitalization when you invest in new machinery?

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        Our passion:

        • Manage Industrial Automation.
        • Create Executive Digitalization and Automation Strategy.
        • Machine Learning.
        • Create, Expand or Design.
        • Automation Systems.
        • Plant wide Automation.


        • Automation Strategy prepared for Digitalization.
        • Plant-Wide Automation Platform.
        • Development of Automation Systems.
        • Advanced Motion Control (Speed – Position or Winder applications).


        Last project: Glatfelter Fort Smith, AR – Leading Plant wide automation. architecture and commissioning.

        • High end SCADA System + 10 Clients and IPad access to the entire plant.
        • Remote monitoring.
        • Safety and Motion – Line synchronization.
        • Historical Data Server.
        • 20 PLC’s and + 300 Frequency Drives.
        • Gas burner 9 x 1.2 MW - NFPA 86.
        • Chilled water system capacity 3 MW.
        Knowledgebase: 10 years of experience with automation architecture.

        • Velux – Shared Siemens Programming platform used by several vendors.
        • Mars – Plant wide programming platform and functional description.
        • Dan-Web - Design of plant wide program platform according to S88.
        • Thermo Fisher – Design of programming platform, an adapted PackML and Robot solution.
        • Coloplast – External validator of conceptual programming platform.
        Winder application knowledge and experience:

        • Airlaid Production - Advanced drive analysis, flying contact roll, winding torque setup (tight or loose following roll diameter), winding torque following aaccording to mathematical equation.
        • Glatfelter Advanced Materials – Slitter Rewinder advanced drive configuration setup – high speed configuration.



        Cell: +45 53 76 37 85

        Director - Peter Jensen Hyldgaard - E-MBA – Master in Management of Technology.

        Expertise: Expert in plant wide automation and commissioning.