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A selection of our collaboraters:

  • Velux - shared Siemens programming platform used by multiple vendors.

  • KGK in Japan.

  • Arla Foods in Christiansfeld

  • Mars - Plant Wide programming platform and functional description.
  • Dan-Web - Design of Plant Wide program platform according to S88

  • Struer Bread
  • Thermo Fisher - Design of programming platform, a custom PackML and robotic solution.

  • Haywood & Padgett in England

  • Coloplast - External validator of conceptual programming platform

  • Senius Food Equipment
  • Winder application knowledge and experience:
    Airlaid Production - Advanced drive analysis, flying contact roller, torque winding (close or loose by roller diameter), winding torque after mathematical equation accumulation.
    Glatfelter Advanced Materials - Slitter Rewinder Advanced Drive Configuration Setup - High Speed ​​Configuration.

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