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Vision - Mission - Values

Vision - Mission - Values

Create Executive Digitization and Automation Strategy

Create, Expand or Design Automation Systems automation for digitization…

Vision - Mission - Values


•    To create value for companies through intelligent digital use of data in production and technical systems. We create synergy by combining automation and digitization – and release resources with our green software solutions that detects change.


•    Cedas delivers unique future-proof automation and software solutions to companies, which ensures optimal productivity and minimizes downtime.

•    Cedas want to enable companies to get value out of data and thus save time, money, and resources.


•    Integrity

We draw attention to do what we say. A word is a word. We say what we mean, and we trust each other and our customers. We know our strengths and limitations. You can count on us.

•    Quality

Based on experience and innovation, we are strongly focused on providing high quality solutions, that meets the needs of our customers. Our innovative automation and software solutions are State-of-the-art. We strive to make the complex accessible and user-friendly with a green perspective.

•    Knowledge

Knowledge sharing is a hallmark of our daily work, both internally and externally. We stand stronger together, and we acknowledge and help each other continuously. The more angles and ideas that are brought to the table - the better solutions we find. It is natural for us to have a close ongoing dialogue with our customers. New knowledge - new solutions.

•    Balance

Our employees are our most important resource. That is why a good working environment is important to us. Therefore, we prioritize flexibility, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. In the big picture we are motivated by supporting charitable causes, especially in the third world.

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