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Process Industry

Get high value from your data with a low investment


Production - Batch from Paper, Oil or Dairy products with different orders

At a press for processing cores or a pump working on various products, our Machine Learning software can record signals related to the operation. Eg. current, differential pressure, the sound from the operation, vibration ambient temperature etc. all together form historical “images” (trend curves), a signature of what it was like. The image can be saved and real-time values from the operation can be automatically overlooked and the software announces changes. The software keeps track of the values itself and can see all historical operation from the entire application and notify if something changes. In other words, automatic trend curve (data) analysis.


So in the Industry 4.0 era you can benefit from our software DetectIT.
Our Machine Learning Software that can be implemented in your process, machinery or value chain.
You get a perfect Machine Learning “Engine” for your data, and you do not need to hire specialized data analysts or programmers to tailor your own algorithm.


Heating, cooling or pumping process

We can record selected data from your process and you can discover the earliest point of change to the process and notify about the change or control the process accordingly.


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Process Industry

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