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PresentIT (pronounced present it) is a dashboard which presents an overview of and an insight into the production's key figures. PresentIT is also a visual communication tool that gives management and operators a common language and at the same time a concrete tool for process optimization as well as goal setting, evaluation and OEE.

PresentIT can provide an overview of the current status of the overall production and the individual production units.

SCADA System

Please watch our introduction videos below 


With 25+ years of experience within industrial automation, Cedas can help you with any kind of task. We can manage the process from idea to full commissioning, and we work close with you all the way.

Our PLC, HMI and SCADA systems includes user friendly interface, innovative design, quick troubleshooting, and a high degree of documentation.

In the videos below we present some of the features in our SCADA system.

DetectIT is an easy-to-integrate software, that detects anomaly in all types of technical facilities, using sensor data and Machine Learning

In some of the videos below we refer to DetectIT as HDC Analyzer


DetectIT gives you surveillance and automatic data analysis in your machine or productionline.

DetectIT gives you these benefits:

  • Minimizes breakdown and downtime
  • Increases your production
  • Savings on spareparts and manpower
  • Strengthens your green profile


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